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Intimidating sayings and quotes

The settlers introduced pigs to the islands, which destroyed the dodo's nests and young as they foraged.

This contains Daniel's well-known interpretation of the The dodo was a peculiar, comical-looking bird with a large, hooked bill, and short, curly tail-feathers.

Heavy and clumsy, the dodo was flightless, its small wings being totally out of proportion to its bulky body.

Yet another idea is that there was a pirate or drowned sailor of that name.

Still another idea is that Davy Jones was originally the owner of a 16th century London public house that was popular with sailors.

Additionally, the d and v suggest a possible corruption of Devil.

Another suggestion is that Jones is a corruption of Jonah, both a biblical reference and sailor's slang for bad luck.

It was beautiful to look at but fell to ashes when touched or tasted.

The proper meaning of dead to the world is a religious one, describing the state of someone who has left worldly things to dedicate themself to God.

Dead is merely a way of emphasising the similarity, as in 'dead centre' (exactly central) or 'dead on' (exactly correct), where dead adds a sense of precision and strength to the phrase.

This expression, which means a thing that appears to be, or is expected to be, of great value but proves to be valueless, refers to a fruit, the apple of Sodom, that was thought to grow on trees beside the shores of the Dead Sea.

According to the prophetic book of Revelation in the New Testament, this is the day when God will judge humankind, pronouncing salvation for the good soul and doom for the evil, after the passing away of the world in its present form.