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Enjoy marlboro lights dating

But it’s also about giving ourselves and others second chances.

The Tony-award winning musical, The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee is a perfect summer show, and it’s playing at the Highland Arts Theatre every Saturday through August 12th.

The company at the HAT addresses this to an extent by flagging up the sexism through exaggerated—and thus hilarious—gestures designed to indicate its awareness of the story’s chauvinism.

The cast is also slightly too big for the space, which means the company appears squished on stage from time to time. In these moments, the costumed bodies are presented as a woven tapestry of glorious design, thanks to the genius work of Diana Mac about a boy who falls in love with a girl.

Refreshing humour often interrupts the examination of these solemn themes, as all three sisters occasionally reveal a side of themselves they have suppressed or forgotten about.

It is in this versatility that all three actors in the HAT’s excellent production, directed by the talented Todd Hiscock, stand out.

Unless you’re having an affair with your boss’s wife – in which case, it’s curtains for you!

In celebrated Cape Breton playwright Daniel Mac Ivor’s Marion Bridge, three thirty-something sisters confront themselves, each other and the inevitability of death when they are brought together in their mother’s Cape Breton home to hold vigil as she passes away.

They all give us the opportunity to create a better us. Sure, they’re platforms that are obsessed with looks.