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I mean they tried with the X model but had some problems.

I mean, a new base model macbook pro 13 touchbar is 1829 which is equivalent to 256GB i Phone X. The other thing that I'm surprise about is that, there's no 128GB. Hopefully they can optimise it (blacken status bar completely) via a software update.

I've read that the aspect ratio for the i Phone X is not 16:9 anyway so most vidoes will be boxed out before it reaches the notch. I find it hard to believe Apple didn't realise people will want single sign on. If you have face recognition unlocking the phone without any input, every time you walk past your phone it will turn on.

I am getting ipad pro 10.5 with pencil for various reasons.

I was hoping to get iphone X because I need a big screen for my eyes but I have small hands. Having never used touch id this wouldnt really be a game changer except you still have to swipe up after it. May as well just use passcode 2) no home button sounds great, but how is swiping up better? I have bad hands and this seems more labour intensive. It sounds like they havent finished where they were heading and that the Xs will fix touch id etc. This is VERY important to me – especially dual stabilization2) it is small yet large screen3) the screen looks good Torn between this and the 8 plus (which ticks all boxes except size and camera improvements).

Despite what i Phone Plus owners always try to convince me of, it's just too big. Looks like my i Phone 6S will live to see another year.

It's borderline impossible to use with one hand and doesn't fit well in a trouser pocket. The 8 is pointless, as it’s already out of date but still $1079...

So they implemented the touch swipe as well as face recognition.

It's highly doubtful they will add the option even in software to turn it off, because it will show people just how stupid facial recognition is when it is on all the time. the flagship i Phone was already the most expensive phone around, its known as having everything, naturally the i Phone 8 should have had all these features but now they found a way to charge an extra few hundred dollars for a product the i Phone 8 should have been..

Take it out of your pocket to put on the desk next to you – unlocks.

In testing I'm betting they found phones were calling people randomly, running batteries flat and other shenanigans.

Hardly secure if someone can grab your phone, point it at you and use it. I saw a press release from Qualcom comparing the rumoured features in the new i Phone X and Qualcom tech currently in Androids in an attempt to sidetrack the press. You would in fact have to purchase 13 separate phones to get all of that tech in one phone and even then some of the tech (such as face recognition) is only at novelty status, far from usable in real life. This is not the same technology and is nothing like what is even available today from Qualcom. Despite what i Phone Plus owners always try to convince me of, it's just too big. I don't quite understand how it's practical as a phone. I need to ensure I keep my 6SPlus working well for as long as possible.