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If you have a choice, and you're writing in a region like the US or UK that strongly prefers one spelling, I suggest you use that spelling.

If it is referring to the middle of something, such as the middle of a circle or in fact any shape, then the spelling is CENTER.

The tendencies at the top and bottom ends of the chart are likely to be stronger than the percentages indicate, primarily because spellings are usually respected in proper nouns regardless of region.

If you talk about the Capital Centre, for example, you're likely to spell the word regardless of which region you're in.

But since most uses of this word are not in proper nouns, the percentages should be roughly accurate, particularly toward the center of the list; it should be enough for you to decide how to spell the word.

I'm Australian, so the following refers to British/Australian/New Zealand spelling and also for most Commonwealth (ex-British Empire) countries too.

An example is "I walked to the center of the circle".

If the word is referring to an organisation or a building, then it's spelt as "CENTRE".

To explore further, see British and American terms.