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Steve harvey dating tips oprah

In these next couple of days before another year begins, determine what that itch is in . Are you living at home, saving up, figuring out what you want to do with your life? Have you been going through the motions, doing the same thing day after day, weekend after weekend, getting drunk with the same pals, bedding the same women, trying to squeeze semblance of life from the dry, drawn out routine that you pretend to enjoy but deep down can’t stand? Go somewhere that excites you, but also scares you. Make it a reality and not simply a dream relegated to that moment when you’re half awake and half asleep, in that magical state of consciousness when you find the courage, even if only in your dreams, to take big actions, risks, and push yourself beyond what you know you can do. It’s incredibly hard, especially in these modern times, to be an original.

They’re telling you to stand up, take responsibility for your life and your actions, and stop complaining. It begins with something as simple as a choice, it’s carried out through actions, and it’s brought to fruition through habit.

That’s you being a man and taking care of your fellow man. As harsh and critical as I am against weakness and aid, it’s just as important to talk and ask for help. It seems as though everyone’s searching for an identity. This isn’t “an exercise” that you can do, nor is it a year-long journey that will come to fruition 365 days from now. The journey may never “end”, but it’s the journey that will serve you best, not necessarily its culmination. It’s that voice that tells us our desires, wants, and ambitions.

Do something that means something, either to you or another human being, and make sure that thing is a slap to the face of the pressures that society places upon you. Help another man pick himself up and find his own place this world, even as you’re helping, finding, trying to do this admirable action step on your own. Do so by picking yourself up off your ass and turning your life around. Don’t wait for someone to coddle or pander to your whims, wishes, and wants. Do the unpopular act of being a man, not an envious coward crying because of where he’s gotten in life. There’s no such thing as a self-made man, and although this may contradict everything written thus far, it shouldn’t. It’s freedom that every man craves deep down in the depths of his soul. It’s that voice that makes decisions that are in line with our values, who we are, what we believe.

You have to reach that point where others may break, fold, and quit, but you keep trudging on.

In my own life that was just over 4 years ago when I decided to either sink or swim.

With the ending of each year we’re given a symbolic opportunity to start over, and start anew. Take these final days of the year 2013 to define what your manly journey is to look like. Start the snowball effect that will lead you down a path that has not yet been cleared, and can only be followed in whatever wake you leave behind.

Momentum is a powerful thing, but it needs that first push. We’re only a few days away from the end, and the beginning. In this case, the side of the majority is the side of the fool and the coward.

That’s one of the most powerful, unpopular actions you can take.