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An alternative theory holds that it has retained its Semitic designation, daltu, which originally signified "door" but was being used for writing tablets in Ugarit in the 13th century BCE. In the first millennium BCE writing tablets were in use in Mesopotamia as well as Syria and Palestine.

Writing in the archaeology journal Time and Mine, and Dr. Goskar conclude: “As in many cultures where darkness is associated with the supernatural and the heightening of senses, it is possible that some activities at Hendraburnick Quoit may have been undertaken at night.” “Quartz has luminescent properties and reflects both moonlight and firelight.” “Given that human eye perceives color and shade quite differently at night than by daylight and the art would have been visible in moonlit conditions, the smashed quartz at Hendraburnick could have been used as part of night time activity on the site in order to ‘release’ the luminescent properties of the quartz around the monument and ‘reveal’ the art in a particular way.” “After the ritual, the broken pieces, once they had fallen on the ground, could have effectively formed a wider platform or arc which would have continued to glisten around it in the moonlight, and thereby added to the ‘aura’ of the site.” The site has been the center of controversy for some time.

Andy Jones of the Cornwall Archaeological Unit discovered around 105 engravings on an axe-shaped stone called a “quoit”.

“The site appears to have become the focus for the smashing of quartz blocks, as well as for the deposition of mostly fragmented artifacts.

The modern expression of "a clean slate" equates to the Latin expression "tabula rasa".