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Hepatitis c dating australia

Many of the cases notified are quite severe, and the virus has caused the death of six Indigenous children in North Queensland and Western Australia in recent years.

Indigenous people, in urban communities as well as in rural areas, are at much greater risk of HAV infection than are non-Indigenous people [7] and become infected at much younger ages [8].

Hepatitis A is often asymptomatic, so the numbers of cases notified to health authorities underestimate its true extent [9].

Those with the disease can comfortably and confidently declare their hepatitis C status while those without the disease have access to a dating platform whose members are open about their hepatitis C condition as well as their STDs.

For the more than 230,000 Australians who have hepatitis C, this new generation of drugs was a welcome relief.

(There are a number of other types, including D and E, which are also notifiable diseases, and G, but detailed information is not available for infection with these viruses).

Each virus causes a different manifestation of disease and each is transmitted in different ways.

Less is known about hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection, though it is not likely to be associated with Indigenous status per se, and is more closely correlated with injecting drug use.