Start Bpd dating bipolar

Bpd dating bipolar

But fear and shame paint my world in either black or white.

By breaking down the emotion through observation and description allows you to see if first you are dealing with a primary or secondary emotion, although it can be tricky to separate primary from secondary emotions because there are a few interpretations or biological changes that overlap in a few of the emotions.

But taking each of markers as a whole can help to identify the emotion.

One thing I can tell you is regardless of what I am feeling, if it’s a difficult or overwhelming emotion, which for me, really they all are, I almost immediately move to avoid it, ignore it, or suppress it. I am so used to fear that I often switch from the initial (or primary) emotion to fear so it becomes an emotion I feel more comfortable to handle. Secondary Emotions What a secondary emotion is, is the emotion that comes up in response to the initial (primary) emotion, or is in response to the interpretation or assumption that was made of the primary emotion.