Start Craigslist org dating

Craigslist org dating

Also, if you look at the URL you can see that URL contains the US State Alaska.

It is also more likely that users will be deceived by this.

When it was founded it provided the Internet with a much needed platform for advertising, selling and exchanging goods, and its emphasis on functionality over design made it the success story it is today. However, for many of the same reasons Craigslist is popular with the wider public, it is also very popular with scammers and fraudsters (any regular user of Craigslist will attest to this).

Anywhere that people congregate, whether in the real world or online, is a haven for the malicious intent of such individuals and organisations.

At Adaptive Mobile, we block Craigslist SMS phishing messages on an almost daily basis and have seen a steady increase in the numbers of these messages being sent over the last few months.

To give an example of the scale - last month we blocked several hundred thousand Craigslist related messages.

A favourite social engineering technique amongst scammers, phishing is an effective way of prompting users to divulge their personal information.

The SMS, in this context, being the “bait” so to speak.

The first screenshot shows the real login page and the image to the right shows a fake Craigslist login page, you’ll notice that there is little difference between the two.