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But they might as well not believe in God for all the good it does them.

In Christian language, and in common languages around the world, God is different from the universe as a cat is from a giraffe, and more so.. Probably most people in the United States today are atheists of a sort.

They do not assert that there is a God; nor do they assert that there is no God; they simply say they do not know. Ignorance, however, is not a theory that one has to argue about. An ignorant person is not required to prove by learned arguments that he is ignorant. If you should ask them, they might say they believe in God.

Political leftists attack it as a reactionary hindrance to social advancement.

The longest English word I can think of, if you rule out ‘supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’ on technical lexicographical grounds is, Antidisestablishmentarianism. Another technical term, though an easier one, is atheism.

As an introduction to this thematic issue on “Modelling approaches in sedimentology”, this paper gives an overview of the workshop held in Paris on 7 November 2013 during the 14th Congress of the French Association of Sedimentologists.

A synthesis of the workshop in terms of concepts, spatial and temporal scales, constraining data, and scientific challenges is first presented, then a discussion on the possibility of coupling different models, the industrial needs, and the new potential domains of research is exposed.

They indeed assert the existence of God and their theories can properly be called theology.