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When this becomes apparent to the bully, sensing that the target might complain to a higher authority and expose his misconduct, he neutralises the target by isolating them and destroying their credibility and reputation among decision-makers and peers, and then putting them out of the picture through dismissal, forced resignation or even early retirement.

These things should be confidential to those involved but may be openly explained anyway, with plausible sounding excuses: "Bill let down a major client and we had to let him go"; "Dorothy had some personal problems and she just couldn't hack it here any more - poor thing".

Sometimes the excuses are more damning of the target: "We discovered she had been stealing and abusing clients, so we had no choice but to dismiss her".

Using unwarranted criticism and threats, he controls them and subjugates them, without a thought for the contribution they make to the organisation, or their self esteem, self confidence, loyalty or their health.

Sooner or later this person - the bully's "target" - realises that they are not being "managed", "mentored", "developed" or "investigated", but "bullied", and they start to show signs of intolerance.

For organisations where this is normal, but thought to be symptomatic of weak, awkward employees rather than dysfunctional management, bullying is likely to be an institutional problem.

Such employers are likely to be reluctant to acknowledge even the possibility that bullying is an issue, doing what they can to conceal it, including by attributing responsibility for employees' predicaments to the employees themselves.

Perhaps the most easily recognisable character traits of a Serial Bully are: The influence of a serial bully on a working environment should be readily apparent to an employer's senior managers, especially the HR manager.

If there's a serial bully in a position of influence, these managers will know of employees who once were valued: Faced with the above, some businesses would strive to establish the cause and deal with it, to prevent any recurrence.

It is not until the new target scratches the surface of these misfortunes that they realise that the truth is quite different from the rumour.

Where the truth is far more appalling than the corporate line, and where one person is a common factor behind all such events, the chances are that this person could be Serial Bully.

Do not treat anyone, whatever they have done, in a way that would justify them using material from this website to describe your actions and character. They are attracted to positions of authority and trust, but that does not mean that everyone in such a position is a serial bully.