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While I don’t have a Mac to experience the full potential of the cross-device integration, I’m already liking the extra information in my conversations - be it live typing indicators or support for high quality photos.

This was it: no more reaching for the Google phone when I needed to look something up or fling through my notifications. I have all of them stored with Google, but bringing them into i OS requires the less-than-obvious step of signing into Google through the Mail app.

Most things work very similarly to the way they do on Android, and I only had to sign in to Google once, after which I could use my i Phone as an authenticator - just as I do on Android - to sign in to any other Google product or service.

Switching to Siri is one experience I’ve been less than thrilled with so far.

I asked about early upgrade pricing - $200 on top of the $199 AT&T already charged for the phone - but I was a student, and my meager checking account balance could barely withstand the regular on-contract price and accompanying increase in the monthly service fee.

I walked out of the store with my dinky little flip phone feeling defeated.

NAfter seven-plus years with Android, the i Phone certainly feels restrictive to me in some ways.

Still, it probably feels far less so today than it would have even a few years ago.

In between this post and that last one, I’ll tell you about the advantages, the disadvantages, and maybe dedicate one post to more comparative analysis with Google’s Pixel 2 XL, my current favorite smartphone.