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At first, he seemed like he wasfunny, outgoing, down to earth and a great singer.

Then, I would use VLOOKUPs to get at the data based on the user’s entry.

The problem was that the recordset was more than 65,000 rows.

Get real: dating sites are for dating, and no matter how he presents to you what he's looking for, you can be sure that he's only trying to meet women and that all of the women he's chatting to are not seeking friendship by using that site. * He's stopped calling and texting you without prompting, where he used to be proactive and was always dropping you messages throughout the day.

You feel as if he only ever texts you when you've sent him a prior message, and you find it's taking longer and longer for his replies to come in.

There are situations, though, where the structure of an external data table isn’t what you want.

You may want to use pieces of the data in various places, rather than in a tidy table.

The bottom line is, he's no longer going to make an effort for you or try to please you, because he no longer sees you in his future.

Get External Data is a fine option for using data from an external source in you worksheets.

Sometimes there's real possibility that the rapport can be re-gained and the floundering relationship fixed before it's become terminal, but there are occasions when we need to take off those rose-tinted spectacles and acknowledge that a man's heart is no longer in it, and it won't ever work.

So, what are the vital signs that it's time to let him go?

We started hanging out with his friends, playing video games, having water balloon fights, swimming and getting to know each other.