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East meets west russian dating

Crews initially fashioned some of the telegraph poles so small that buffalo, using them as scratching posts, knocked them over.

'There were a lot of little one-off companies that would connect one or maybe two cities, but no big networks.'By 1860, the telegraph was a lot like an early cell-phone system.

Today is the 150th anniversary of the completion of the transcontinental telegraph.

From sea to sea, it electronically knitted together a nation that was simultaneously tearing itself apart, North and South, in the Civil War.'It was huge,' says Amy Fischer, archivist for Western Union, which strung the line across mountains, canyons and tribal lands to make the final connection. With the Civil War just a few months old, the idea that California, the growing cities of California, could talk to Washington and the East Coast in real time was huge.

They needed lumber, especially in the treeless desert terrain of Nevada, and it took more than 200 oxen more than a month to haul it across the Sierra Nevada, according to an account by James Gamble, who was in charge on the western end of the project.

Once they got the lumber in place, work crews hired guards, sometimes Indians, specifically to keep it from being stolen, just as at modern construction sites.

There were homesteaders heading West, needing materials to build houses.

Along the eastern flank, there was a different problem, Jepsen noted.

Last year Russia spent an estimated 3.247 trillion rubles (£42.6 billion) - equivalent to 4.5 per cent of GDP - on defence, according to the SIPRI, a Swedish think tank.