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In Bulan prominent political names who served as Gobernadorcillos (the title of town executive from 1801-1891- the Gobernadocillo were elected from among the ranks of the Principalía by twelve senior Cabeza de Barangay) several times way back during the Spanish period were .

I even entertain the idea that the 1987 Constitution is itself the lobby work of traditional politicians- or political dynasties.

There are rivalries naturally among these dynasties but they easily join forces together when it comes to finding ways to stabilize their status qou- or protect their interests.

This battle is very much actual in today’s Manila for Arroyo seems to have not yet given up the hope of extending her tenure of power and is still finding out last-minute dirty tricks to incapacitate the opposition to secure herself and her relatives.

According to some historians, dynastic politics was introduced to the Philippines by the Americans, not by the Spaniards, when electoral politics was initially limited to wealthy people, and when the Americans left in 1946 wealthy landowners “took the helm in leading the country to protect their business and other interest”.

This existing loophole has been taken advantage by many political families in the Philippines.

In fact we may call our nation a Loophole Republic of the Philippines, which is a republic based on the loopholes of law, at least when it comes to political power and other criminal actions.

The Golpeo name first appeared in 1857 with Don Sixto Golpeo.