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Is fabolous dating anyone

If you are, you may want to read about the menopause.

This will give you confidence that everything is working and that you’re capable of feeling aroused.

Lubrication, this is something you’ll almost certainly need. Apparently, lesbian couples buy lube by the bucketful.

It has to be said that sex isn’t top of everyone’s agenda. Perhaps you’re hoping to have the best sex you’ve had yet.

They also tell me what they don’t want – which is someone who moans on and on about her ex, especially on a first date.

If you haven’t had sex for a while, you may be worried that it will hurt.

And it certainly could be that your genitals may feel more fragile or dry than when you were last sexually active – particularly if you are menopausal.

After all, historically, it’s not long ago that women were lucky to even survive into mid-life – let alone have active love lives. Of course, many SWOFties haven’t actually chosen to be single again.