Start Run time error 3251 current recordset does not support updating

Run time error 3251 current recordset does not support updating

(In previous versions, this was an additional commercial product.) There are many other little improvements as well.

Example: In Auto Exec macro, Set Temp Var named Licensed To to "Acme Corporation", and add this text box to each report header: =[Temp Vars]!

[Licensed To]Microsoft is providing free developer extensions and runtime Access so you can create an Access 2007 application and give it to users who do not have Access 2007.

Access 2007 solves this by introducing Trusted Locations (Office Button | Access Options | Trust Center | Trust Center Settings.)Developers often coded to disable the mouse wheel so it would not scroll records in Form view.

All subledger journal entries for the period must be transferred before putting it on Concurrent running Ledger Consolidations will cause duplicated Dimenion Hierarchy, Dimension Hierarchy level entries causing the Year End Closing process to fail with the error “Function Dimension Segment has been incorrectly called”The unapproved revisions amount are showing incorrect when you change the Filter to Current Year or Customer range in the Project Budget Balances form after you do a budget balance transfer from one subproject to another of from one category to another.

Users should not be able to add or modify a benefit deduction or contribution line of a pay statement if the amount of the line will make the YTD amount for that benefit deduction or contribution negative Inventory without cost value can be posted without setting ledger accounts, but could cause inventory recalculation to throws errors like “account number for transaction type sales order issue does not exist” still, and get stuck Update the catch weight quantity using Registration function from the journal is triggering the error message: ‘Quantity ordered cannot be reduced because there are not enough open stock transactions with the ordered status. The groups on the Vend Invoice Info Line are also not being initialized from the Purch Line.

The items are Purchased, Recei Running production scheduling in recurring batch with “Late selection” does not rerun the query. Fields from Cust Invice Jour and Cust Invoice Table are not shown in description field in Customer transaction generated from Free text invoice when user set parameters in Default descriptions form for Transaction type: Customer – invoice, customer User submits a Project Quotation and then the approver is rejecting the quotation – it brings the quotation to a Created/Draft state and with Workflow Submit button incorrectly enabled – should enable Resubmit, Recall and View History actions instead Master planning does not include inventory blocking issue transaction anymore, only the receipt transaction, which causes MRP to believe there is an extra receipt available which actually does not exist.

Seriously useful for individuals and developer teams who want consistency.