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Updating sky software

Using the high speed mode, productions can shoot at virtually any frame rate and shutter angle.

Simply connect the Sky Panel to a network via the Ether Con connector and once connected, use a web browser to access the Sky Panel web server and instantly adjust any Sky Panel parameter.

This means you can now make setting adjustments from a device such as your mobile phone without having to touch the Sky Panel itself.

In the past, the RGBW mode has been an uncalibrated mode that gives direct control of the LED channels.

There is now the option to select a calibrated RGBW mode that will still allow for the adjustment of red, green, blue and white levels, but in a calibrated color space that yields consistent results across Sky Panels.

With so many great features packed into the Sky Panel, it might seem difficult to know which ones are active and which ones are not, at any given time.

To solve this issue, there is a new enabled menu that gives the user a list of all features in the Sky Panel and their current setting.

Presets have become much more useful in Sky Panel Firmware 3.0 with the addition of eight factory presets and preset selection via a DMX channel.