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Jane austen dating game

In all their messy and romantic glory, these characters each revealed truths about courtship and lasting love. Nothing kills romance quicker than lack of flirtation. Take it from real men today, guys look for specific hints that you’re into them. He knew all of the right things to say to win the beautiful Marianne Dashwood’s heart, but he was selfish and untrue. Darcy, on the other hand, was awkward and never said the right things, but in the end he won Elizabeth Bennet over by letting his good deeds reveal his heart.

He had no intention of making her an 'honest woman' by marrying her but is forced to do so by Mr Darcy.

Hands up if you've been guilty of rejecting someone just because they weren't an inch taller, didn't earn enough money or shared your love of your favourite film.

In Pride and Prejudice Mr Darcy dismisses Lizzie Bennett as 'barely tolerable' and 'not handsome enough to tempt me' after their first meeting but soon realises the error of his ways once he gets to know her.

She instead encourages her to pursue the gentleman Mr Elton but this ends in tears when he reveals he doesn't have feelings for her. As Austen writes: 'You must be the best judge of your own happiness.' But keep your friends close as you will certainly need them as you negotiate the dating scene as Austen observes in Northanger Abbey: 'Friendship is certainly the finest balm for the pangs of disappointed love.'However, he turns out to be untrustworthy after it is revealed he gambled away his inheritance and nearly ruins the reputation of Lydia Bennett by convincing her to elope with him.

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We all know that first impressions count on a first date but don't be too quick to judge.

Bingley was falling for Jane but was easily convinced by his conniving sister that Jane didn't return his affection—supported by the fact that Jane wasn't sending the right signals. Wickham might have an easy enough time believing a woman is in love with him. The best way to get to know a guy is by getting to know those he is closest to. There is something to be said for knowing yourself and what you want before you make any major relationship decisions, a point Austen drives home in .

How he treats others matters, even those people from his past. Darcy is a great example of this tried and true dating rule. Darcy to Elizabeth Bennet was how much his little sister and even his servants loved him. Anne Eliot was young and unsure of herself when Frederick Wentworth proposed.

Experience life in the British Regency as a young gentlewoman, where you must maintain proper decorum, sharpen your wits, and find a suitable husband—or not! With Regency Love, you can create your own story and interact with the world around you.

Would you dance, practise the piano, or perhaps embroider a handkerchief?

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