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The Probate Division handles wills, estates, trusts, guardianships of minors, guardianships and conservatorships for incapacitated adults.

The Quality Review Branch provides administrative support to the Civil Division and does not handle cases.

The Domestic Violence Unit may also handle some types of cases related to a domestic violence case, including divorce, child custody, visitation, paternity and child support.

Protection Order cases begin at Domestic Violence Intake Centers.

Criminal cases heard by the Domestic Violence Unit include violations of protection orders and some misdemeanor intra-family offenses.

Civil cases heard by the Domestic Violence Unit include domestic violence protection orders.

The Criminal Division handles most criminal cases, including felony criminal cases, most misdemeanor cases and certain traffic cases.

Some misdemeanor criminal cases involving intra-family offenses are handled by the Domestic Violence Unit, which is separate from the Criminal Division.

Superior Courts have a Social Services Division that handles probation supervision for juvenile delinquency cases and cases that are eligible for the Juvenile Drug Court.